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Travel, food and
lifestyle content creator

Languages spoken:
French and English

 Collaborate with me! 


Are you in search of a unique collaboration that combines charm, humor, and an endearing approach to reach and delight your audience? Look no further! As a travel and lifestyle content creator, I am the perfect blend of these qualities! 

With a captivating style and comedic personality, my content resonates with diverse audiences, generating genuine engagement and shares. Through engaging videos, funny anecdotes, and humor, I foster a connection with your brand, strengthening its positive image. Together, we can conquer new horizons and make your brand a must-follow on social media. Don't miss this opportunity to create entertaining lifestyle content and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Contact me today to write a new chapter of success for your brand!


Here are examples of content I can create in collaboration with you!

Vlogs: I share moments of my life, my trips or my daily activities. I can showcase soothing routines, cozy moments, or serene places in collaboration with your brand.

Wellness tips: I provide advice on meditation, stress management, relaxing activities, or personal development techniques.

Inclusive humor: I regularly create humorous content that celebrates diversity and inclusion, emphasizing shared laughter and joy.

Comforting recipes: I regularly share recipes for comforting and delicious dishes that bring happiness to the table.

Reviews: Do you have a product, service, shop, or restaurant to promote? Let me share my impressions with my community!

Travel visuals: I regularly take my audience on a journey by sharing photos and videos of stunning landscapes, enriching cultures, or happy travel moments all around the world!

Funny challenges: I can launch fun challenges to engage your audience and encourage them to share hilarious moments.

Vox-pop: I can ask people on the street what they think about a topic, situation, or product!

Beauty Tutorial: I can create beauty tutorials using your products and the services you offer!


In total, around
65 000 followers across all of my platforms, including more than

29 000 on TikTok!

I have visited more than 45
countries around the world and hundreds of cities. I am a true globetrotter who will promote your own travel destinations in a positive and creative way!


Discover my community on
different social media platforms!

TikTok : @sandrasiroisofficiel

Instagram : @sandrasiroisofficiel

Facebook :

X :



LinkedIn : @SandraSirois


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